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Same Old Tune, 2005. Video, Pal, colour, sound, 1´49´´, loop. Edition of 5 plus 1 A.P.

Operating once again within a self-referential universe, this piece is a metaphor for disenchantment in relationships. Set to the sound of an old dusty record and a lyric "another spring, another love and yet it is always the same" from a Marlene Dietrich song, this work shows myself walking on a rotating circular platform. The artist's position does not change, however, the constant activity required to maintain this stasis creates a fatigue that over time becomes disenchantment. As in relationships, one walks but the view never changes.

The last circular shots framing the trees involving the sensation of losing one´s balance is reinforced with the repeated sentence “and yet it's always the same” till the image fades into black.