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Studio Contents, 2005. Video, Pal, b&w, sound, voice by Wassili Zygouris. Edition of 5 plus 1 A.P.
Installation view at Circulo de Bellas Artes, Sala Minerva. Madrid

This piece was made in 2005 after a one year residence at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. The experience of living and working on the same place for such a long time became one of the reasons for this video to be done, together with a series of photographs entitled ‘All I Had’. In this series I photographed everything that I had in that particular studio before moving to a new one. This is a project that I will keep renewing during my life.

When people pack and move from one place to another, they always go through a process of selection keeping some things that for some reasons are important and throw out other things. The emotional history, utility and aesthetic appeal of certain objects entice us to keep them. In order to be able to distinguish the importance of the objects which surrounded me in my new studio, I gathered everything which I considered important for my working life and wrote down a list of it. Mapping a certain period of my life through the objects that I had in my studio at that time was the main idea of this process.

On the screen I overlayed each object (or I should say each word which refers to each object) in an obsessive inventory of possessions. This was a metaphor for somebody who is trying to store things in a box, one over the other till it gets so full that one can only know the object’s identity through the describing voice that goes together with the video. Through this overlaying and combination of sound and image I tried to recreate a mental space transportable and resistant to time which will help the viewer to associate each stimulus with his own references. So trough its surroundings the result is an intimate journey into the creative process itself.

Video Still